EAFT General Meeting 2023

Published on 05/03/2023

When: Sunday 5 March 2023 Address: 40, rue Washington 1050 Brussels Belgium The agenda is as follows: Welcome by the Chairman - Approval of the minutes of the 2022 AGM - Activity reports for 2022 - Election of new members of the Board of...

AEPL visit to the European Commission's special envoy

Published on 27/02/2023

A delegation comprising Guy T'hooft, Claude Wachtelaer, Tony Van der haegen and Eric Paradis visited the European Commission's Special Envoy, Baron Frans Van Daele, for the defence of freedom of belief in the countries...

Letter from AEPL "Women's freedom in Iran".

Published on 24/09/2022

Dear High Representative, The European Association of Free Thought, AEPL, is accredited, informed and consulted by the European Commission under Article 17 of the TFEU. Like many others, we have followed the latest events in Iran and admired the...

Letter from AEPL "Freedom of philosophical conviction".

Published on 12/08/2022

Madam President of the European Commission On behalf of the Association Européenne de la Pensée Libre (AEPL), which is well known to your services, we are contacting you to express a number of reservations concerning the very principle of...

Letter from AEPL "Maladministration of philosophical freedoms

Published on 04/08/2022

Madam President of the European Parliament, Following on from the warm welcome you very recently extended to the prelates of Comece, the leaders of the European Free Thought Association (EFTA) would like to have the opportunity to meet with you in order to discuss...

The spectre of nationalist populists is hovering over the EU

Published on 28/04/2022

The opposition between European progressives and nationalist populists can be seen in all the elections, whether legislative or presidential in Europe (in Hungary with Orban or in France with the presidential election and soon the legislative elections) and is reflected in the debates around...

AEPL Report "Religion and the EU's external policies

Published on 01/01/2021

Religion and the EU's external policies. A critical analysis. Summary. The European Free Thought Association has noted with interest the document drawn up by the European Parliament's Research Service on the links between the EU's external policies and...

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