Who are we?

The Second World War left Europe devastated and ruined. To turn it into the area of peace, freedom, prosperity and solidarity we know today, we had to convince yesterday's enemies.

From left to right: M. Schinas (European Commission), I. Piperaki (Comalace), O. Karas (European Parliament), M. Bauer (FHE), G T'hooft (AEPL), T. Van der haegen (AEPL)

Origins of AEPL

Everything remained to be invented to make this utopia a reality, without precedent in history. Countries that had been at war with each other for centuries succeeded in uniting and pooling whole swathes of their sovereignty. "United in diversity", the motto of the European Union (EU), symbolises on a continental scale the values of tolerance inspired by the Enlightenment.

At a time when the EU is experiencing the greatest series of crises in its history, freethinkers have a duty to be present. In 2007, three friends familiar with the European institutions decided to set up AEPL in Brussels.

The aim is to bring our values to the "Dialogue" between the EU institutions and both non-confessional and religious organisations.

Our movement now occupies a unique position in Brussels thanks to its responsiveness and pugnacity. Our targeted actions on specific issues have enabled us to make our voice heard by the European institutions and to convey our values of progress, freedom of conscience and tolerance to both the Commission and the European Parliament. Our knowledge of the inner workings of the EU and our resolute commitment to Europe have ensured that our expertise is appreciated by the institutions in a wide range of areas (political, economic, social, secular, bioethical, digital, migration, defence, etc.).

The association is based in Brussels, close to the European institutions.

The European Union is the greatest political, economic, social and cultural adventure in which we have ever participated.

Together, let's promote our humanist values to build Europe

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