European defence

EAFT is accredited, consulted and informed by the European Commission on a number of subjects, in particular European defence, within the framework of Art. 17 of the TFEU. A multidisciplinary working group has been set up for this purpose: the GTED, Working Group on European Defence.


- The Maintaining peace in Europe and restoring peace in its neighbourhood is a good reflection of the ethical demands that AEPL expresses in its contacts with the Commission.
- The measurement of geopolitical influence of Europe, which aims to impose its ethical, humanist, universalist and progressive values as widely as possible: Europe stands out among the powers for its efforts to promote universal peace.

How we work

The WGED carries out daily monitoring defence and defence industry issues. In particular, the WGED monitors the application of current legislation relating to the defence and the defence industry and monitors the European Commission's legislative proposals on and defence industry.

Through EAFT, the WGED aims to make an active contribution to the development of European defence policy, by drafting summary documents and letters to the President of the Commission, the High Representative and the European Commissioners involved in defence issues and the defence industry.

These documents will be made public and available on the AEPL website.

Members of the WGED will be talking to officials from the European External Action Service and DG CONNECT of the Commission in charge of defence and defence industry issues in order to present and discuss EAFT's position. The WGED will respond to requests from the officials in charge of the application of Art.17.

The GTED will take action to represent its interests in particular to the European Parliament and Council.

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