Europe's climate

This group looks at sustainable development through the different limits for the planet that have been or may soon be exceeded. It studies the limits imposed by the two "donut circles" : physical and technical parameters for one and human and social parameters for another.

The matter is approached as follows :

Either through themes covering each of the technical and human parameters :

Physical limits :

  1. Climate change
  2. Erosion of biodiversity
  3. Use of fresh water
  4. Acidification of the oceans
  5. Perturbation of biochemical cycles (nitrogen and phosphorus)
  6. Thinning of the stratospheric ozone layer
  7. Changing use of land
  8. Chemical pollution (new entities in the environment
  9. Threats to the atmosphere (aerosols)

Limits in society

  1. Inequalities with regard to changes
  2. Economic activities
  3. Citizens and civil society
  4. The role of public authorities
  5. Forms of resistance, lobbies and propaganda

Or through a technical theme and the main human parameters with which it interacts :

Examples :

  • Addressing climate by looking at energy and CO2-generating human activities
  • Addressing chemical contaminants by looking at the effects on food and health
  • Addressing biodiversity by looking at land use planning, etc


The relationship between social and physical aspects is very important.Separate communications on these subjects won't suffice. It is not enough to highlight limits, the risk they entail for the planet, society and people. Possible technical solutions and the ensuing consequences for the way we are organised (human activities) and our way of life (well-being, individual and collective happiness) are analysed. Finally, the way these different dimensions evolve is considered.

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