Reports, photos and videos of EAFT activities

26th European Meetings in Luxembourg

Published on 08/09/2023

In 2019, the European Union launched the "Green Pact for Europe", with the main aim of making our continent the first in the world to be climate neutral by 2050. How can we translate this political will into action?

AEPL visit to the European Commission's special envoy

Published on 27/02/2023

A delegation comprising Guy T'hooft, Claude Wachtelaer, Tony Van der haegen and Eric Paradis visited the European Commission's Special Envoy, Baron Frans Van Daele, for the defence of freedom of belief in the countries...

High-level meeting: dialogue with Mr Frans Timmermans

Published on 19/06/2017

"THE FUTURE OF EUROPE: AN EFFECTIVE UNION FOUNDED ON VALUES" Visit by our Past President of AEPL, Claude Wachtelaer, to the European Commission. Introduction First and foremost, it is vital for citizens to be reassured by policies that improve the quality of life of their...

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