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Self-determination and bodily autonomy for women

Published on 24/11/2023

In the 1970s, the major demand of women was their reproductive freedom, which refers to their bodily autonomy and their right to decide on their sexuality and procreation. These feminist ideas emerged in those years with the...

Enlargement is in the air ...

Published on 26/10/2023

Indeed, more than ever since Charles Michel's speech in Bled (Slovenia) on 28 August, in which he declared, to everyone's surprise, "Enlargement is no longer a dream. It is time to move forward. We must...

Immigration: populism's winning bet in Europe?

Published on 29/09/2023

In the run-up to the European elections, most populist parties are focusing on the fight against immigration in the hope of scoring electoral success. This poses a real challenge to our democracies, which are struggling to find...

An inter-institutional controversy: the case of Fiona Scott Morton

Published on 31/07/2023

As it enters the final year of its term of office, the European Commission has recently stirred up a controversy that may be fraught with consequences but is also full of questions, by imposing the appointment on 11 July of Fiona Scott Morton, a renowned economist from...

Artificial intelligence and the Brussels effect

Published on 20/06/2023

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE BRUSSELS EFFECT One of AEPL's most important actions at the moment is the recognition of our "Artificial Intelligence" working group, led by our friend Joël De Decker, which has been accredited, consulted and...

The spectre of nationalist populists is hovering over the EU

Published on 28/04/2022

The opposition between European progressives and nationalist populists can be seen in all the elections, whether legislative or presidential in Europe (in Hungary with Orban or in France with the presidential election and soon the legislative elections) and is reflected in the debates around...

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