26th European Meetings in Luxembourg

Published on 08/09/2023

In 2019, the European Union launched the "Green Pact for Europe", with the main aim of making our continent the first in the world to be climate neutral by 2050.

How can this political will be translated into concrete action, in line with the stated ambitions, while reconciling the sometimes very different situations and priorities of European countries?

What can we do as individuals, municipalities, regions, countries and internationally? How can we effectively coordinate individual and collective action at these different levels?

We know that climate change is likely to significantly increase inequalities. How can we strengthen solidarity to make the energy transition socially equitable and acceptable?

What are the terms of the debate between green growth on the one hand, and degrowth or sobriety on the other?

As the philosopher and science historian Michel Serres would have wished, is there a need for a new "natural contract" setting out humanity's duties towards nature?

Faced with these countless questions, a constructive confrontation of the positions of all those committed to the climate is more necessary than ever, if we are to move beyond indignation or anxiety and find the path to reasonable hope and effective action.

In the words of UN Secretary General António Guterres, "We are in the fight of our lives and this fight must be won".

Let's get together on 21 October and discuss it!

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