Letter from AEPL "Women's freedom in Iran".

Published on 24/09/2022

Mr High Representative,

The European Free Thought Association, EAFT, is accredited, informed and consulted by the European Commission under Article 17 of the TFEU.

Like many others, we have been following the latest events in Iran and admiring the courage of these women who are fighting to be freed from the yoke of a theocratic regime that is seriously undermining their freedom as human beings.

As you know, many women have paid with their lives for refusing to conform to the diktats of a religious government.

Social networks are constantly relaying news from Iran.

The refusal of the representative of the Iranian Republic to be interviewed by a CNN journalist gives the courage of Iranian women worldwide visibility.

Like you, EAFT is deeply attached to the founding values of the European Union.

The time has come to express our indignation to the Islamic Republic of Iran at the brutal and femicidal events that are currently taking place there.

We would welcome representations by you to Iran, even if it is construed as interference, but on humanitarian grounds, in line with our ethics. We remain, Sir, Yours truly,


Joël De Decker                                                             Guy T'hooft     

Director Chairman


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